How I reached MASTER in 2 weeks CODM

I played CODM for a few weeks after its release then got very bored of the game and uninstalled it. 2 weeks ago I was scrolling through the play store and saw CODM and I re-downloaded it. I played a few games and had some fun, but soon realised that I was playing against bots. So I decided to play ranked as I assumed they wouldn't be bots, I didn't know what gun to use so I did some research and settled with the ASM10. My first game of ranked was literally just the same as normal. After a few games I could make out I wasn't playing against bots anymore but it was still too easy. I kept playing for a few days and reached Elite at this point I had maxed out my ASM10 and was using the best attachments for it. Now it got a bit harder and I started losing games. I decided that it was best if I friend the enemies and my teammates to make it easier. Every game I friended most of the people in the game and played with them, it became so much easier. Eventually, I reached MASTER for the first time in my life I was actually proud of myself (LOL). At this point, I was level 52 and finally unlocked the MAN-O-WAR which many people say is the best AR in the game. At first, I hated it because of the slow ADS time and also slow in general but recently it was buffed increasing its ADS time now I absolutely love the gun and use it. I stopped playing ranked as the season will end in about 3 days. Can't wait for the next season and what it has to offer. I hope I will be able to reach legendary next season I probably won't as I am stuck in MASTER but I believe in myself as you should too.

This is my first even article and I am not good at writing so please don't hate on me :).

My name is Ayan Poddar and I love playing video games on phone and on PC.